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Embrace Relief on PayPal Giving Fund

  PayPal has recently introduced a new way of giving to charities: PayPal Giving Fund.   In PayPal Giving Fund, all fees are on PayPal. Unlike traditional payment methods, PayPal Giving Fund charges no fees to charities or donors for its services, so you know that %100 of your donation goes directly to your charity! With Embrace Relief on PayPal Giving Fund now, you can easily give to your favorite causes with no deductions for services.

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  End of the year is also known as the season of giving in which people make most of their donations. Approximately 10% of all the yearly donations in America take place within the last three days of the year. Now is the perfect time for you to make your tax-deductible contribution to your favorite charity before 2016 is over.         We wish all our volunteers a happy and healthy new year!     [give_form id="12365"]

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Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge Fires

Hundreds of homes and more than 50 businesses were destroyed in the wildfires that ripped through the Smoky Mountains early this month. 14 people lost their lives. The city of Gatlinburg was one of the worst hit areas. Many people lost their jobs after many businesses were destroyed in the fires. You can help heal the wounds of this disaster with your contribution:  [give_form id="12162"]

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Blanket & Coat Drive ’16

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011 which has left an estimated 400,000 people dead, Syrians have been trying to escape the tumult at home and trying to find a safe haven in a different land, especially in the neighboring countries (Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon).  One of the biggest challenges these people face is the harsh winter conditions which make an already dire situation even worse. Having seen the troubles they're facing

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Blanket & Coat Drive ’16 Drop-off Locations

- CURRENT DROP-OFF LOCATIONS -   Please contact the drop-off site through the indicated phone number to make arrangements before taking your collections!     CONNECTICUT   Hartford TCC Hartford 380 Franklin Ave Hartford, CT 06114 Contact Number: 203 215-5829     NEW HAMPSHIRE   Manchester TCC New Hampshire 540 Chestnut Street 3rd Floor Manchester, NH 03101 Contact Number: 315 450-3849     NEW JERSEY  

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Coins for Kids Donation

DONATE your collections If you've already registered for the campaign, and want to send some or all of your collections up to date, please fill the form below to proceed:       [give_form id="11993"]

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Giving Tuesday ’16

#Giving Tuesday is a day to support your favorite charities and nonprofits. Embrace Relief, like other relief organizations, survives solely on your support and contributions. 2016 has been great for Embrace Relief so far! Our volunteers have provided clean drinking water for thousands of people in need, sponsored cataract surgeries and helped hundreds of people gain their vision back, distributed aid to innumerable orphans, refugees, and victims

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The list is currently being updated and will be ready soon.

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NC Flooding from Hurricane Matthew

North Carolina needs your help!  Flooding as an aftermath of Hurricane Matthew caused a great deal of destruction in parts of North Carolina, including the deaths of 26 people. Authorities estimate $1.5 billion in damages to homes, businesses and government buildings.  Your generous donations will go a long way to providing relief and comfort to those affected by Hurricane Matthew.     [give_form id="11732"]

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Coins for Kids Short Term

Coins for Kids Short Term has the same foundation as our 6 month project, but with a shorter time period, and smaller prizes. Individuals or institutions who want to enroll in our short term project will have two weeks to complete it. The start date will be when you receive your box, and end two weeks later. All proceeds will still be donated online at Kids who collect $25 or more in two weeks will receive an

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