Coins for Kids Registration



for the campaign

(6 Month Project Terms)

The campaign will start November 1, 2016, and end April 30, 2017.

Goal for kids ages 4-12 = $50, kids ages 13-17 = $100.

To turn in funds raised for Coins for Kids, parents or guardians must donate the proceeds of  their child’s collection box online at

Checks can be made out and mailed to Embrace Relief.

If kids reach their goal before the deadline, or if the box fills up, parents can donate online at….using a debit/credit card, and kids can start collecting again!

Prizes will be awarded at random to kids who have reached the goal.

Prizes will be different for age groups.

3 Kids ages 4-12 will be selected and receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

3 Kids ages 13-17 will be selected and receive a trip to Haiti to visit some of the orphanages we currently sponsor.

The Haiti trip will take place Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2017.

Kids will visit 2 or more orphanages Embrace Relief currently sponsors.

At the orphanages, kids can bring toys/activities (bubbles, Frisbees, bouncy balls, coloring books, etc.) to play with children at the orphanages.

Kids will also distribute food to orphanages.

Kids will get to explore Haiti from the city center to its lovely beaches.

Parents may accompany kids on the trip, but are responsible for their own costs.