Coins for Kids Short Term

Coins for Kids Short Term has the same foundation as our 6 month project, but with a shorter time period, and smaller prizes. Individuals or institutions who want to enroll in our short term project will have two weeks to complete it. The start date will be when you receive your box, and end two weeks later. All proceeds will still be donated online at Kids who collect $25 or more in two weeks will receive an Embrace Relief t-shirt. 

Proceeds for our 6 month project will be used for educational purpose within the U.S. This can be towards the renovation of schools, classroom materials, or other educational purposes. Final project will be decided upon once all proceeds are received. The proceeds from our short term project will go towards one of our ongoing projects that donors can choose from. 

Orphan sponsorships:

  •      $35 monthly – Basic physical needs
  •      $50 monthly – Education
  •      $85 monthly – Physical needs and school
  •      $135 monthly – 100% of costs for one child (school, food, water, shelter, medical)


You can also participate in:


  •      Electricity projects in Haiti
  •      Painting/Renovation projects in Haiti
  •      Water well projects in Haiti or Africa


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