Food Drive

Since summer of 2014, Embrace Relief has donated over 58,000 pounds of fresh meat to families in need. During the summer months, Embrace Relief donated 17,000 pounds to people in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Kenya and Tanzania. In October 2014, we have donated 41,000 pounds of fresh meat to needy families and shelters all across the United States. Food is something we often take for granted and it is something so many people in the world don’t have. Fighting hunger is at the core of our mission.  

According to reports, in 2013 it was reported that 49.1 million people in the United States lived in homes where they were not sure if they would have food for the day or not. Of those 49.1 million people, 40% were not receiving any government food assistance–that’s 1.9 million people without any reliable source of food. This is in the US alone; hunger and poverty in countries such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic and much of sub-Saharan Africa are rampant. Food gives us the energy we need to function and live our daily lives. Hunger is part of a vicious circle. Hunger is a result of poverty, which is a result of unemployment. If a person suffers from hunger, it is likely they are unable to work; if they are unable to work they will stay in poverty, which means staying hungry and the cycle continues.  

Let’s break the cycle and fight against hunger. Let’s help those in need and put food on their plates.  You can contribute to Embrace Relief’s fight against hunger by donating here.

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