School Renovation in Guatemala


Chapter Project: School Renovation in Guatemala


Yasin and Mayra Gulsen reside on Long Island, New York. Mayra owns and operates a cleaning service business, while Yasin is a heavy machine operator for Cardo Site Development. Mayra is a Guatemalan American and Yasin is a US National. Since moving to the United States, Mayra has been very interested in helping the school system in Guatemala. The Guatemalan school system is in dire need of assistance due to lack of funding and corruption in the schooling system. With the help of Embrace Relief, we have realized there is a way to mobilize Guatemalan nationals and other individuals who care to aid in the further development of the Guatemalan school system.




The Plan:


Schools in Guatemala are extremely outdated. They lack modern amenities such as proper roofs, windows, desks, books, just to name some of the major things. Our plan is to fundraise to modernize one of those schools. With the help of the communities in Guatemala, this process should go very smoothly for the community, while bringing the community together in building a stronger school for their children. Local construction businesses in Guatemala are working with Embrace Relief to provide materials and labor to complete the various projects.


The school that has been chosen is a school in Zarzal, San Raymundo, Guatemala. This particular school is in dire need of infrastructure updates. The roof has holes; when it rains heavily school is cancelled, or when it is too hot school is cancelled due to the inability of the roof to deflect the heat from the sun. Windows are broken and doors are no longer functioning in the school. The initial objective is to strip and replace the roof, as well as to replace all windows and doors in the school. There are material costs and a minimal labor cost. The company that will be performing the work has reached out to the community of Zarzal, and the community is going to aid this company in labor, lowering labor costs for the project.



School Renovation in Guatemala

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