ALEX AND HIS 39 FRIENDS WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!   Our new education campaign for Haiti aims to send 40 Haitian children in need to school Meet Alexander Bonhomme. Alexander is 11 years old and is an eager student in Haiti. But he and his classmates need your help. The education statistics facing young Alexander are startling. In Haiti, according to a 2013 World Bank study, only half of all primary school-aged children attend school. Of this, about

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Coins for Kids

“Coins for Kids,” is a chapter project that empowers children to help other kids in communities with great needs. Children are asked to raise money that will be used for Embrace Relief projects that support kids’ educations. We believe that it is important to teach kids how to give back and who to give back to at a young age, so as they grow and become more independent, they will continue to be philanthropic. As they learn and understand that

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I Am My Neighbors’ Neighbor

I AM MY NEIGHBORS' NEIGHBOR A story about Bastrop County, TX, our neighboring community from Embrace Relief SW   Time after time we are told to live our lives by loving our neighbors just as we love ourselves. We’ve been taught this concept from family members that came before us and we’ve read about this in our traditions. There is something about that feeling of giving to someone in need that just blossoms a great sense of joy in one's

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Houston Needs Your Help! Historic Flooding in Houston

Houston Needs Your Help! Historic Flooding in Houston! Greater Houston Metro Area Flooding Relief Campaign   It is time to show our solidarity with our fellow Houstonians: Embrace Relief is launching a relief campaign to help victims and families affected by historic flooding in Houston Metro area. More than 13 inches of rain fell in just less than a few hours which lead to heavy flooding that inundated thousands of the homes, shut down several

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Earthquake in Ecuador and Japan

As the international aid pours in to Ecuador and Japan after powerful earthquakes hit these two countries, Embrace Relief is also initiating a disaster relief campaign to help people. The 7.8-magnitude quake, which struck Ecuador Saturday night, has killed at least 413 people so far according to the official reports. More than 2,500 people were injured and state of emergency has been declared in six provinces of the country. Meanwhile Japan was hit

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TEXAS Bastrop County Fire Relief

Texas Needs Your Help! Embrace Relief Raising Funds for the Texas Bastrop County fire relief.     4,582 acres of forest and 64 homes are lost because of the Texas Bastrop County fire! Please click the links below for news coverage:   KVUE-ABC local TV channel: Statesman Newspaper -1 Statesman Newspaper -2 Please send us your generous donation so that we can deliver it to those who are in need! You can make your donations by clicking

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The Kick-off for 2015 Blanket Drive

It's officially here! The press release of the annual blanket drive for Syrian refugees was held on November 5th at the Fairfax County Government Center in Virginia. Our world is experiencing the biggest refugee crisis since WWII with approximately 60 million refugees on the face of the Earth. One of the biggest catalysts of this huge crisis has been the civil war in Syria, which has started in March 2011. More than four million Syrians had to flee

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Lumina University Book Drive

Lumina University was established in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania. In 2014, Lumina established two courses of study taught in English; Business Management and International Relations. The University is also developing several other majors taught in English to be offered int he coming years including banking, finance, accounting, IT and more. Our goal was to collect 20,000 books, and with your generous donations, Embrace Relief successfully have collected

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Syrian Refugees

Our efforts began in the fall of 2013 Our efforts began in the fall of 2013, when a small group of community leaders from a northern Virginia took a trip to Turkey. One of the many places this group visited was a refugee camp. The visit to the camp made an immediate impression on these community leaders, and before they even left Turkey, they resolved to make a difference for these refugees in dire need. In a matter of weeks, they worked with local

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Embrace Relief is committed to providing support for the improvement of the health of people. We help provide this support through programs such as the hospital in Haiti and the Cataracts surgeries in Africa. Through these programs, not only do we provide much needed medical help to impoverished lands, but we also improve the lives of individuals.    HOSPITAL IN HAITI   CATARACT SURGERY  BLOOD DRIVE

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Blanket Drive

  UPDATED: 12:39 PM 12/08/2014

 $90,462 TARGET: $90,000