Refugee Relief


Embrace Relief has initiated a project to the benefit of the Syrian refugees currently residing in Turkey by providing them with quality education.   In order to facilitate this project, Embrace Relief has committed to sponsoring the costs of a private school run by Syrian refugees in Istanbul for a whole year, which provides education to 250 students in total (from grade 1 to 12).   Syrian Al Rahma Education Center in Uskudar, Istanbul is

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The Kick-off for 2015 Blanket Drive

It's officially here! The press release of the annual blanket drive for Syrian refugees was held on November 5th at the Fairfax County Government Center in Virginia. Our world is experiencing the biggest refugee crisis since WWII with approximately 60 million refugees on the face of the Earth. One of the biggest catalysts of this huge crisis has been the civil war in Syria, which has started in March 2011. More than four million Syrians had to flee

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Syrian Refugees

Our efforts began in the fall of 2013 Our efforts began in the fall of 2013, when a small group of community leaders from a northern Virginia took a trip to Turkey. One of the many places this group visited was a refugee camp. The visit to the camp made an immediate impression on these community leaders, and before they even left Turkey, they resolved to make a difference for these refugees in dire need. In a matter of weeks, they worked with local

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