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Give a cataract surgery as a gift

GIVE THE GIFT OF VISION   Honor someone you care about on their special day, by making a donation in their name to our cataract surgery project. We will let them know by sending a certificate that thanks them for this donation. Donate in a friend, or a family member’s name. It's a thoughtful gift and they're sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Embrace Relief will use the donations for a cataract operation, then e-mail an electronic copy

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Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

In 2014, Embrace Relief Foundation constructed a hospital in Haiti. Due to the destruction and the severe poverty in Haiti, the country’s medical care was not enough to accommodate the large numbers of people in need. Years after the disaster, most Haitians are still living in camps with very little access to clean water and food. Diseases and waterborne pathogens are prevalent amongst the supplies. It is for this reason that Embrace Relief came

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Food and School Supplies to Orphans in Haiti

On February 20, 2014 Embrace relief with 10 volunteers visited Haiti. Volunteers along with the CEO of Embrace Relief visited 6 orphanages across Port-au-Prince and donated food and school supplies to the 230 orphans living in the orphanages. Haiti had already been a poor country before the natural disasters. After the earthquake Haiti is still struggling with rebuilding. The CEO of Embrace Relief along with the Health Department Coordinator and

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Earthquake in Haiti

Embrace Relief distributes hot meals in Haiti after the earthquake. Embrace Relief sent 119 volunteers to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Embrace Relief was the first organization to distribute food after the earthquake. Volunteers distributed hot meals to 1000 people each day for 30 days. Because of the earthquake many people were left homeless. Embrace Relief distributed tents, blankets and clothes. 15 doctors attended this vital campaign

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