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Blood Drive Your Gift of Life

Why Donate Blood? There is no substitute for blood. The community supply depends on people like you. Right now, not enough people donate blood. Only 4 people out of 100 who are able to donate blood do so. The blood supply needs to be replenished constantly. Blood products have a short shelf life, from 5 to 42 days. Blood is in constant demand for accident victims, surgery and cancer patients and more. Anyone between the ages of 17 to 76, in good

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Give a cataract surgery as a gift

GIVE THE GIFT OF VISION   Honor someone you care about on their special day, by making a donation in their name to our cataract surgery project. We will let them know by sending a certificate that thanks them for this donation. Donate in a friend, or a family member’s name. It's a thoughtful gift and they're sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Embrace Relief will use the donations for a cataract operation, then e-mail an electronic copy

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Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

In 2014, Embrace Relief Foundation constructed a hospital in Haiti. Due to the destruction and the severe poverty in Haiti, the country’s medical care was not enough to accommodate the large numbers of people in need. Years after the disaster, most Haitians are still living in camps with very little access to clean water and food. Diseases and waterborne pathogens are prevalent amongst the supplies. It is for this reason that Embrace Relief came

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Famine in Africa

There are more than 360,000 Somalian refugees staying in the world’s largest refugee camp (Dadaab Camp) near Kenya. The only hope of survival is the food and water at the refugee camps which is only enough for one of every four refugees. Without help from outside, the survival rate will keep decreasing because of the increase in refugee numbers. According to the UN report, two million children are undernourished and in order for them to survive,

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We are coordinating cataract operations weekly in Mali in our partner clinic, which has a capacity of treating 30 patients per day.   A cataract, which can occur in either or both eyes, is the clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. Cataracts are fairly common for older people, but hot weather, malnutrition and climate conditions in Africa cause many people to lose their sight to cataracts at a young age. It is estimated that two

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