Houston Newcomers Campaign

Recent Turkish Expats in Houston Need Your Help!

“Embrace the Turkish Newcomers” Campaign supports the new arrivals to the Houston Metro Area

These Turkish newcomers to America are fleeing persecution or fear of persecution in their homeland. They are coming to the US in desperate times, often leaving family, friends, homes, jobs, and savings.

rayEmbrace Relief Foundation, Inc. (Southwest Region Office) in collaboration with Raindrop Turkish House launches its  “Embrace the Turkish Newcomers” campaign to support the new Turkish arrivals to Houston Metro Area. Embracing the spirit of American hospitality to welcome those in search of freedom and liberty, Embrace Relief welcomes refugees and asylum seekers who come to America in search of a better life by offering support in the way of rent assistance, furniture, education (including ESL classes), health issues, official paperwork and more. Applications for this program will be reviewed by regional commissions led by our representatives in the regions. Embrace the Newcomers Campaign actively seeks your donations of money or furniture to help welcome and Embrace the Newcomers. 

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Turkish Newcomers in Houston

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