Coins for Kids


“Coins for Kids,” is a chapter project that empowers children to help other kids in communities with great needs. Children are asked to raise money that will be used for Embrace Relief projects that support kids’ educations.

We believe that it is important to teach kids how to give back and who to give back to at a young age, so as they grow and become more independent, they will continue to be philanthropic. As they learn and understand that many kids do not have access to education, food, water, toys, and so forth, they will develop empathy and continue to feel the desire to help other children.



The Coins for Kids campaign consists of a paper coin bank that the children will receive and assemble into the shape of a box. There are illustrations on the boxes portraying children from some of the places around the world that we currently help. The kids will be able to color in the box, and make it unique for them. Their goal then will be to raise money in the coin box within 6 months the latest, so that it can go towards kids in need.

The project is open to children ages 4-17. Prizes for the participating children will be determined independently by our regional branches.

However, the biggest prize for us and our children is to improve our sense of solidarity and increased social consciousness. We will also provide certificates of participation to all of the kids who take part in this campaign.

Don’t forget to take photos of kids coloring their boxes and tag Embrace Relief on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram @embracerelief, and use the hashtag #CoinsforKids!





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