Construct an Orphanage


Imagine 80 children from the ages of 1.5 -16 taking shelter in the ruins of buildings. A place they call “home”. Basic necessities, such as water and electricity are non-existent for them.  Once the sunsets, these children are forced to live in darkness or go to sleep.

They don’t have a clean room to sleep in, an area to eat their meals, a decent bathroom, a functioning kitchen, or an area to play.

You can change all that!

Help support Embrace Relief ‘s efforts to construct an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti to provide a better living environment for orphans.  (See photos by clicking the link below) The cost of an orphanage good for eighty orphans is about $100,000. This includes a water well and electricity. Most importantly this means a safe “home” for these children.

Embrace Relief is working on this project and is in the final steps of completing the orphanage. Once completed, Embrace Relief will give control of the orphanage to a local organization and we will continue to provide financial support and supplies to the orphanage.