February Orphanage Visit in Haiti


At Embrace Relief, we believe in helping those who are of the less fortunate obtain the necessities needed to lead a successful life. Children are the future of our world and we believe it is one of our many duties to help children of vulnerable backgrounds reach their full potential. All children should have the opportunity to live, learn, and grow. Many children do not have access to essential resources and basic luxuries needed to have a memorable childhood. We have made it our mission to help children in Haiti to have the same opportunity as others to succeed.






On February 13th, 2018, we donated several boxes of toys to 38 children at the One Way Orphanage in Kenscoff, Haiti. These children, who may have never been given the chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood, were given that chance due to the efforts of Embrace Relief. Many of these children in Haiti have day-to-day struggles that hinder their ability to experience simple activities that highlight a child’s life: having fun. The management at the orphanage isn’t always able to provide them with these necessities, so Embrace Relief took matters into their own hands and decided to donate toys to this orphanage to bring some color to the lives of these children. The toys we donated included bicycles, slides, dolls, child laptops, etc.







On February 15th, 2018, at the Salem Orphanage’s School, we donated uniforms and backpacks to 54 students. We believe education is the key to success and if there is any way we can make it easier for these children to be successful in school, we will try our best to do our part. Since these everyday items are very expensive in Haiti, we can understand why it is so difficult for these orphanages to not be able to provide them for these children. Along with this, we are involved in other projects to provide clean drinking water, food, and solve electrical problems in these orphanages.





Here at Embrace Relief, we believe all children have the right to life, education, food, health, water, identity, freedom, and protection. Embrace Relief strives to reduce the vicious cycle of poverty that can weaken the simple pleasures of laughter, learning, and growth from generation to generation. We believe that no child should be without basic human rights due to the detrimental effects of poverty. If we are able to work together and help these children have the basic necessities to move forward and strive for success in life, then we have succeeded.



Embrace Relief volunteers regularly donate toys and educational supplies to children in need in Haiti. You too can join the campaign.