Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


In 2014, Embrace Relief Foundation constructed a hospital in Haiti. Due to the destruction and the severe poverty in Haiti, the country’s medical care was not enough to accommodate the large numbers of people in need. Years after the disaster, most Haitians are still living in camps with very little access to clean water and food. Diseases and waterborne pathogens are prevalent amongst the supplies.

Last month Embrace Relief filled and shipped two full containers holding all the medical equipment and supplies the hospital will need for one year. Prior to their shipment, we hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony in which Congressman Elliot Engel proclaimed his support and appreciation for the work of the two organizations.

 In addition to the two containers already shipped, another container complete with medical equipment donated by the AFYA foundation will depart soon. Due to the poverty of Haiti, the hospital will not be able to become self-sustaining soon and therefore donations are needed to cover the operating costs of the hospital.

It is at this time that we reach out to our friends and supporters for donations. Haitians are in dire need of reliable health care and aid. An outbreak of cholera has been ongoing in Haiti since October 2010. Although the number of cases is decreasing, people are still affected by the outbreak. Cases have been reported in all 10 departments of Haiti according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Your donations will go 100% towards the cost of shipping the medical supplies, maintaining the hospital and supporting its operating expenses. There are so many countries without the quality of care that we are fortunate enough to have in the United States. Please help us give them the care they need to continue to survive and help us minimize the effect of diseases on these people.