Project Details

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Water Well / Water tower Projects

The water well and water tower projects are two separate projects, that you may choose between.

Water Tower Project

Due to the lack of clean water, people in African countries are prone to many waterborne illnesses. To fight against these illnesses, Embrace Relief is offering the water tower project. By choosing this project, you will help supply a clean water source. The cost of the water tower project is $400 for the tower and installation and an additional $125 per month to fill the tower with clean water for a group of 50 individuals.

Water Well Project

The Water Well Project will also supply an orphanage with a clean water source. However, since this is an actual well dug from the ground, it will last a lifetime. The cost of building a well in Africa is $4,500 and each well can provide water for approximately 500-800 people in that region.

Kitchen Project

In many African orphanages, one meal is all the children get for 24 hours. Even when the orphanage has goods to cook, they do not have the supplies to cook them with. With the kitchen project, your chapter will be raising funds for a gas stove, gas, and kitchen supplies such as pots, pans, utensils, etc. The expenses for this project include $600 for a gas stove and gas. Kitchen supplies may either be collected by running a drive or purchased with extra funds. This is up to the chapter.

Orphanage Renovations Project

Orphanages provide a roof over children’s heads but are not an ideal environment for them to be in. With the Orphanage Renovation Project, volunteers will be working to create a better living environment for the children. Each chapter that wishes to help with this project will be assigned an orphanage in need of renovations. Renovations will include painting and repairs around the orphanage. The cost of making this project possible is $2,500.

Restroom Project

Plumbing is a major need for the orphanages. Children use anywhere they find to be acceptable to fulfill their bathroom needs, whether it is inside or outside the orphanage. Neither sinks nor showers are an option. Once in a while, the children get washed up in a plastic basin. By selecting this project, your chapter will provide toilets, sinks, and showers to an orphanage, resolving a great issue and giving the children a sanitary environment. The expense of the restroom project will be $15,000 for each orphanage.

School Supply Project

According to UNESCO, over a fifth of children between the ages of 6-11 in Sub-Saharan Africa are out of school, followed by a third of youth between the ages of 12-14. And almost 60% of youth between the ages of 15-17 are not in school. Out of the low percentage that does attend school, they struggle to find school supplies to continue their education. In order to give these children the adequate education they need, we must work to acquire for them the necessary school supplies. With your chapter, you can choose to raise funds or collect supplies by running a drive to provide children with backpacks, books, notebooks, and other stationary supplies.

Hosting a Meal for Orphans Project

Since orphanages do not have the funds or resources, they are unable to take the children out of the orphanages for trips and activities. As a chapter, you have the option to treat an orphanage, or a selected number of the children there, to a meal outside of the orphanage. This activity gives the children a chance to get out and see the city and enjoy a freshly cooked meal. The expense of this activity varies on the number of children you are hosting. For each attendee, the cost will be $15.00 including transportation and a meal.

Public School Renovation Project

Like the orphanages, many of the public schools in Africa are also in poor conditions. As a chapter, you can choose to help renovate schools in African countries. With the Public School Renovation project, volunteers will be asked to help by painting and assist with small repairs around the school. This project is to enable students to have a quality work environment where they can peacefully acquire their education.

Health Screenings

If you are a nurse or doctor, you and your colleagues can conduct health screenings for children and families in African countries. Although medical costs in African countries are cheaper than many other places in the world, there are still thousands of people in Africa who cannot afford healthcare. At times orphanages have to decide between using any funds they have towards food for the children or any medical costs. This is a difficult choice since both are important to leading full, healthy lives. Many health issues could be prevented if these kids and families were able to access check-ups or hospital visits. You can help alleviate some of their worries by taking part in this project.

In addition to our projects we also have visiting volunteer activities that your chapter could conduct if you decide to take a trip to Africa, to fulfill one of the above projects.

Movie Night

Children have a limited number of activities they can do within the orphanages. During the day children play games, few of the children are lucky enough to attend school, and others have educational lessons within the orphanage. Overall, every day is a routine. Choosing to have a movie night with the children gives them the opportunity to explore something different. With this option, your chapter may choose to bring candy and snacks for the children to enjoy during the movie.

Fun for Kids

While visiting or hosting the orphanages, your chapter may consider activities such as, face painting, making balloon animals/objects, having a puppet show, etc. Also, volunteers can dress-up as clowns and play games with the children. For these activities, we ask that you obtain your own costume and supplies necessary for each.

If your chapter has additional ideas for activities that you would like to propose, please notify us at