Raise an Orphan

Orphans are living day to day not knowing when their next meal will be or when they will be able to drink water again. These orphans are going to bed hungry and thirsty.  They wake up hoping they can have a meal, only to be told that there is no food.

You have the power to change that.  You can help.

One of Embrace Relief’s biggest priorities is to help orphans. Embrace Relief has worked to provide help to orphans in Haiti and Africa and has been continuing these efforts by providing food, clothes, schools supplies and other basic necessities to orphanages.

The yearly cost to provide food, water and other basic necessities for an orphan is only $400.  That is $1.10 a day; $34 a month.  Once you sponsor an orphan you will receive a certificate with the orphan’s name, gender and age.  

*Only donors who give a full year donation will receive a certificate of sponsorship. Donors who contribute $34/month for 1 year will receive a certificate of sponsorship after 6 months of payment.

Please lend a helping hand!