Vocational Training

eBay Vocational Training for Women Begins at Embrace Relief

Have things you’d like to sell but don’t have time for a garage sale? Think you’d like to try starting your own business on eBay but don’t know where to begin? Have you ever dreamed of working from home, or just earning extra income by buying and selling goods online?

If so, this course is just right for you to show you exactly how to get started. The best thing is, it is all FREE!


What are you going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to open a Seller Account
  • Learn how to open a PayPal Account
  • Learn how to determine the value and price of your items
  • Learn how to improve the description and the pictures of your listings
  • Learn how to use eBay Application from your smart phone
  • Learn how to complete a transaction and monitor them
  • After-course support
  • Get a beginner’s package of a variety of items (10 pieces) that you can start with.*


*Selling price depends on you. The value here is approximately what you can get from those items in the beginner package. It will be given to everyone who has completed the course.


What are the requirements?

  • This training is for women only
  • Basic email and web-browsing ability
  • Intermediate level or better English to use eBay website
  • Participant should bring their own laptop, iPad, or smartphone to use the eBay and PayPal application.


Course Topics:

Lesson 1: Introduction to eBay & eBay Safety

In the first lesson we will introduce the eBay platform and discuss what makes eBay safe place for both buyers and sellers.

Lesson 2: How to Open a Seller Account

Setting up an account on eBay is not complicated, but there is information that you will be asked for. In this lesson, we will go over how to do this.

Lesson 3: How to Set Up PayPal Account

The basics of how to set up a PayPal account are explained in this lesson.

Lesson 4: Deciding What to Sell on eBay

In this lesson, we will talk about popular items to sell on eBay. We also will talk about what items to stay away from and what items or services are illegal to sell.

Lesson 5: Selling on eBay: Fees Overview; Title, Description and Pictures; Pricing and Format Strategy

We will be going over the fees that eBay and PayPal charges. Discuss how to improve the description and the pictures of the listings. And talk about pricing and which listing format we should use

Lesson 6: Listing Items on eBay

In this lesson, we will cover how you can list your items on eBay, the importance of choosing the right category for your item, describing your item, how to upload pictures, Choosing right options for shipping and return policy

Lesson 7: Shipping Items

Once the item is ready for shipment, it is time to figure out the best way to send your packages.

Lesson 8: The Importance of Customer Service

We will discuss how to manage customer service. “Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated if you were buying a product.”

Lesson 9: Dispute Resolution

How you deal with difficulties will also have a large impact on the reputation and customer feedback you receive on eBay.

Lesson 10: Closing Comments

We will wrap up everything: the concluding comments, questions.


Course Duration and Times:

Total Approx. Time: 10-12 Hours

5 Weeks

2 Hours Per Section- (Sections are Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Participants must select which day better suits them.

Semester Start Dates:October 5 & 6, 2016

Section 1: Wednesday, October 5.

Section 2: Thursday, October 6.

Lecture Hours: Between 10:30 AM  12:30 PM


Limited space, act quick, and APPLY NOW!

For any questions please email us: courses@embracerelief.org